Watercolour Paintings by Loy Chye Chuan


Watercolour Painting of Wildlife of Kampong Chickens 2000

Titled: Harmony, a watercolour painting on Wildlife of Kampong Chickens 2000

This watercolour painting of brightly coloured rooster and four chickens with the lush green vegetation as background is one of my favorite artwork. 

The treatment to the feather of the chickens and rooster, the shadows on the ground with the contracts with the green multi layered background are areas require patience and a test of skill.

The bodies of the chickens need to carefully apply the shades and shadows to bring out the 3D effect in order not look flat and dull. This requires some years of skills in controlling the brushes and wetness of paint on paper. 



Watercolour Painting of Mahjong

Titled: Mahjong, this watercolour painting  has a mission on social reflection.


This painting of a game of chinese mahjong tiles over some sheets of old newspaper has a mission to convey some messages on our morale values, social reflection. 

Mahjong is a popular chinese game in asian society, where in the process of winning the game, the players have to gain some tiles and throw away others. This process of collecting the tiles one wants and giving up others is an exact mini reflection of what some people will do to attain fame, power, popularity, wealth, recognition by exchanging or discarding some other cards that they do not value.

After reading and understanding the whole message that the artist wishes to express, perhaps we can ask ourselves the question below:

“Will you exchange your cards of integrity, dignity and honestty to gain the cards of power, wealth and fame in this game of mahjong in your life?”


Nine Kois

Koi in Watercolour

Titled: Nine Koi

This watercolour painting of nine lively kois swimming in the pond symbolize the freedom to pursue the goals one set. The challenges to make these fishes look alive are on the detailed treatment on the fins, the head area and the tails. These areas need careful treatment to make the Koi fishes appear to be swimming in the water instead of some dead log. The fins and tails are light but powerful with the eyes and mouth focusing at the direction of attention. 

Another part of the details worth taking note is the scales on the curvy bodies of the fishes. blending the scales on to the curvy bodies of the fishes need patience in controlling the brushes and paint. Too hard or too straight, the scales will appear detached from the fishes


Watercolour Painting of Rubbish