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Watercolour Paintings by Loy Chye Chuan


Watercolour painting has been my favourite pass time and profession since 1961. From landscapes, buildings, riverscape to wildlife, I managed to experiment with different watercolour techiniques and methods of watercolour painting. Some learned through observing paintings of established watercolour artists, while the rest were attained through the hard works of experimenting. Through experimenting with different ways of watercolour painting, I have managed to gather some experience in controlling different types and sizes of watercolour brushes, the mixture of watercolour paints, using watercolour papers of different textures and materials, some watercolour techniques outdoors and indoors.


Watercolour Art – An Addiction I Refuse to Let Go


Watercolour painting of Mohamed Sultan 2007

Muhammed Sultan Rod 2007

Watercolour art has given me rooms to create and express my emotions and sentiments. I have been addicted to watercolour art in the pleasure and focus derived from watercolour art painting. During the creation of an artwork, which requires focus and attention on what I paint, whether it was as long as hours or as short as minutes of attention on the interaction between watercolour paper, paints and brushes, I have learned to enjoy the repetitive movement of my painting brushes moving back and forth between the watercolour palette and paper. watercolour art has helped me to develop better patience and perserverence to accomplish the fruitful completion of my own creation.


Learning Watercolour Painting Techniques


Watercolour painting of Ann Siang Hill 2004

Watercolour painting of Ann Siang Hill 2004

Watercolour painting gives me great satisfaction, other than completing a new painting, is seeing how watercolour lovers learn the painting skills and eventually master them. I have seen different batches of artists grown in their skills from my watercolour lessons, and develope their own styles of watercolour painting. For the coming months, I will be spending more time in compiling some of my watercolour painting experience into more digestable information, which may not come in a form of watercolour instruction but rather a sharing session of my watercolour technique. Hoping to share these information with aspiring young artists and the watercolour painting community.


Watercolour Tips – Where Sharing is Enriching


Watercolour Painting of Wildlife of Kampong Chickens 2000

Wildlife of Kampong Chickens 2000

I would like to sharing here some watercolour tips which I think would be useful to fellow watercolour painters who are picking up watercolour as a hobby. While learning watercolour was a slow and long journey for me, with the advance of modern technology , I was glad to find many watercolour magazines available in the market with great watercolour tips and techniques shared by professional artists around the world. I had my pleasure sharing some of my watercolour painting moments in the International Artist Magazine(45 Oct/Nov 05).


Watercolour Exhibitions – Where I learn Watercolour Painting from other artists


Watercolour painting of Street 1997

Watercolour painting of Street 1997

Watercolour exhibitions had been my learning ground of watercolur painting from other watercolour artists. I had developed this habit of observing and studying the artworks of other painters since my beginning of learning watercolour as early in the 1960s. While participating in joint watercolour exhibitions have been one of the ways for me to share with others my watercolour paintings, I have yet to organise any solo watercolour exhibition for my collection of water colour created through the years. Watercolour art exhibitions are good opportunities for artists to showcase their recent artworks and earlier creations.


Watercolour Gallery – a Collection of My WaterColour


Watercolour Painting of Street 1996

Watercolour Painting of Street 1996

My watercolour gallery here to see some of my oldest collections in the form of watercolour portrait, landscapes, buildings and wildlife.


Watercolour Workshops


Watercolour Painting of Steps at Mohamed Sultan 1996

Watercolour Painting of Steps at Mohamed Sultan 1996

I’m contemplating organising some watercolour workshops for watercolour lovers whom would like to find out more about watercolour painting, when circumstances permit with the right choice of place and organising team available.




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